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Walk-in Kitchen Pantry vs. Cabinet Pantry [which one should you choose?]

Let's face it, kitchens get cluttered really easily. Whether you're constantly cooking, eating or cleaning, kitchens are often the heart of the home. And with that, comes clutter, mess and oftentimes disorganization, hence the need for pantries to organize and store everything!

But which option is better for organization? A walk in pantry or a cabinet pantry?

Walk-in Pantries

What are Walk-in Pantries?

These are roomy enclosed spaces, like a closet, that has wall to wall shelves, customized inserts with ample room for movement and storage.

Pros of Walk-in Pantries

The volume of storage in walk in pantries is unbeatable. You have floor to ceiling shelves that are big enough to store snacks, pots and pans, cookbooks, appliances and even a microwave!

Can we talk about pantry organization? With larger spaces, you can sort your items by food group, how often used or even by can label color--whatever suits your fancy! Let your creativity soar!

Cons of Walk-in Pantries

For the most part, pantries are often located away from the kitchen area. So if you need to gather ingredients or other items stored in the pantry, there is a lack of efficiency, especially when you're cooking.

With larger spaces and organization, walk-in pantries require more upkeep. You have more shelves, more space = more dirty and cluttered shelves.

Cabinet Pantries

What are Cabinet Pantries?

These look just like your kitchen cabinets. They're shelves and pullouts tucked inside a kitchen cabinet.

Pros of Cabinet Pantries

With all of your pullouts and shelves located in the kitchen, storage space is more centralized. There's no need for your to search through walls of shelves to find what you need, making your cooking time more efficient.

With your pantry hidden behind your kitchen cabinets, it's obvious that pantry cabinets don't take up a lot of space. Most measure at about 24" to 36" wide, making them efficient storage solutions for small spaces.

Cons of Cabinet Pantries

There is very much a lack of space when you only have a single cabinet devoted to pantry storage. If you add more drawers for storage, you also eat up more counterspace.

As each kitchen is different, oftentimes cabinet pantries will need to be modified to fit existing cabinets. Customization can get pricey and features like pullouts or spice racks can all pile up to a hefty price.

So...which one should you get?

That ultimately depends on your kitchen habits. Are you someone who enjoys taking their time in the kitchen, organizing your space and spreading everything out? If so, then the walk-in pantry is for you!

If you're someone who likes to be in and out of the kitchen, is a fast cooker and likes to make more minimal meals for a smaller family, then the cabinet pantry is your best option!

Let us know which one you would go with!

And as always, if you're ever in need of assistance or would like to see a catalog of our kitchen pantries, feel free to contact us!

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