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8 Myths About Kitchen Remodels [and debunking them]

Today, we'll be focusing on 8 common myths people believe when it comes to kitchen renos AND debunking all those misconceptions.

First myth: Custom cabinets are always better.

Verdict: Not really. Sure, if you have all the money in the world to reno your kitchen or have unique requirements for your kitchen, they may be the way to go. However, most kitchens (and reno budgets), just are not necessarily. With the wide variety of kitchen styles, finishes and sizes available in standard sizes, as well as modification sizes, it just doesn't make sense to go for the costlier and more time-consuming option of custom cabinets.

Second myth: Replacing cabinets costs more than refacing cabinets.

Verdict: Not necessarily. Cabinet refacing requires tedious manual labor and extensive knowledge of specific tools, whether you're DIY-ing it or hiring out to a professional. Due to the time and skill it takes to resurface cabinets, the cost will certainly add up to about the same or more than just replacing your kitchen cabinets. And although, you may be able to find more budget friendly options, refacing only extends the life of your cabinets a little longer--you'll eventually have to replace them again.

Third myth: White cabinets are timeless.

Verdict: It depends. If they're timeless to you, then go for it! At Pioneer, white shakers are certainly one of our best sellers. But honestly, no one knows how exactly kitchen trends will go in the future. If your future homebuyers just aren't a fan of white, they'll still take out those cabinets and replace them. Buy cabinets you enjoy and love now--and don't worry what others say about your choice!

Fourth myth: Kitchen remodeling is a DIY job.

Verdict: False. Unless you are a contractor yourself, DIY-ing a kitchen reno is a huge project, that if not done well, can be a huge mess. By hiring out a contractor, you'll make sure that municipal coding requirements are met, tasks like electric work, pipe work and drywall adjustments are carried out safely and they'll be able to provide a wealth of knowledge to you from their years of experience. From the initial planning and designing stages, to the delivery and installation of cabinets, it's best to have a team of professionals who know what they're doing!

Fifth myth: It's better to buy from big box stores than local businesses.

Verdict: Nope! Sure, big box stores have established reputations (some good, some bad). But their wait times and prices often reflect the size of the establishment. The bigger the company, the longer the wait time (because let's face it: lots of people are getting kitchen renos right now) and the sometimes, the higher the price.

At local businesses, you'll find lower prices and faster turnaround times, as well as stock availability. In addition, you know that the business will deliver and that they take each client seriously--small businesses rely on good reviews and recommendations! So you'll be getting the VIP treatment (but without that hefty price tag). Support your local business today!

Sixth myth: You need a kitchen island.

Verdict: You could do without. Of course, if it's always been your dream to have a kitchen island, get one! But oftentimes, having a kitchen island can take up more space and provide less storage than cabinets. Think about your own kitchen habits. Do you have a lot of items that need to be stored away? Do you want your countertops to be as decluttered as possible? Do you need a lot of prep space when cooking? All these factors should be considered when deciding between putting an island in or going with cabinets instead.

Well, that's all folks! Those are the 6 myths of kitchen renos (and their de-bunkings)! Let us know what myths you believed!

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