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Revisiting Black Kitchens: The Newest Trend?

As white kitchens are slowly being shunted to the side for more unique and interesting colors and finishes, black kitchens are emerging as a cult favorite. In popular Facebook groups, more and more people are choosing to paint over their white cabinets, with darker colors like forest green, navy blue and charcoal black.

What allure do black kitchens hold for the residential kitchen? Let's dive in and see.

Easy to Maintain

At the end of the day, you're not strictly looking at your kitchen, you're using it. White kitchens may look clean and neat, but they're surely not going to stay that way; it's simply impractical for a space that sees that much use. With black cabinets, the color is much more forgiving of those who don't regularly deep clean their cabinets.

Metallic Details

It's all in the details. When cabinets are all black, any hinges or handles will automatically pop out, so this is the time to play with period brass or modern stainless steel pulls or knobs that will pull your kitchen look together.

Bold and Mysterious

The color black itself is bold, mysterious and luxurious. It's the opposite of sterile white and can offer your space a bold and welcoming warmth.


One of the most popular black finishes is matte. This finish absorbs light and dampens any excessive shininess and sheen. This gives the kitchen a cozy, calm and timeless elegance.

Two Tone Cabinets

With black as a base color, you can add a depth to your home, while also maintaining the light, airy aesthetic associated with other cabinet colors. You can choose daring colors, or go natural with wood grain cabinets. Black goes with anything!

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