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Fresh Looks For Your All Wood Kitchen

All wood natural kitchens are coming back into style! And that means a lot of our dated 80's kitchens have a chance to be trendy again! Read on for tips and tricks to refresh your all wood kitchen to give it a fresh new look!

Nordic Style

This is a 'bare woods' kind of style. Picture: open shelving, bare wood cabinetry, rustic knob pulls and a splash of color in greenery or backsplash tiles.

Scandi Style

Not to be confused with the more rustic Nordic style, the Scandi style is a bare wood, super modern mixture of warm and cool wood tones. Dare to go bare!

Belgian Style

This is an upscale look characterized by lots of white mixed in with wood. Think marble countertops, white backsplashes and white walls. This style excels in the warm wood category and is perfectly accented by black pull knobs and appliances.

Sophisticated Downton Abbey Style

This is perfectly suited for highly patterned, dark wood cabinets. However, stay away from orange undertones (time to get that paint stain out) and go for a rich, medium tone. Think ceiling high cabinets, glass shelving and a big dose of white to even out the heavy dark cabinet tones, for a luxurious and charming look.

Industrial Farmhouse

This is the perfect versatile look for your all wood kitchen. It's traditional for a suburb home, but is also great for a city loft. This style has darker stained base cabinets, steel or iron accents and appliances, exposed texture like brick and subway tile and mostly open shelving.

Those are all the styles we have for today! Which ones are you going to use to refresh your all wood builder-grade kitchen?

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