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4 Kitchen Trends for the Fall

As we're coming to the end of summer, we're looking ahead to the biggest kitchen trends for the fall! Family gatherings, holiday parties, back to school events--these will all center around the heart of your home: the kitchen. And we want to make sure that your space on trend and ready for all the festivities!

Read on to learn more!

1. Modular Solutions

The key word for fall is flexibility. With different sized parties trooping in and out of the kitchen, your space needs to function well for all occasions. Modular kitchens look smart, have space saving features and can maximize space when you need it the most. Think Lazy-Susan, an island on wheels or modular shelving.

2. Scandinavian Style Is Here to Stay!

This simple, minimalistic that has captivated so many is here for a good long time. Why? They're simple and easy to care for and that is a necessity when you're on the go during this busy season. Less is always more, but not sterile. While this style focuses heavily on the color white, the heavy reliance on wood tones gives it warmth, resulting in a kitchen that is functional and efficient.

3. Embrace the Dark and Sophisticated

Sometimes white kitchens can be a pain to clean or maybe come across as too cold or sterile. This dark and sophisticated approach may come in handy here. Though not for everyone, dark woods, grays and blacks offers a sophisticated and luxurious urban vibe that may also mask those greasy fingerprints you may not have time to clean!

4. Colors of Fall

Adding and changing colors in the kitchen is the easiest way to transform the space. Whether it's something big or small, adding a touch of fall color is the perfect way to prepare your kitchen for the holiday season!

Those are the fall kitchen trends we're looking towards as we wind down the summer. What are you looking to implement??

As always, if you're looking for kitchen advice or new cabinets, make sure to check out our products!

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