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5 Ways to Update Your Bathroom On A Budget

Let's face it. You spend a lot time in your bathroom and it's one of the most used places in the home. Of course you want it to feel relaxing, luxurious and comfortable. But sometimes, that's just out of the budget.

Today, we're going to explore 5 ways (with DIY links!) on how to update your bathroom to the oasis you deserve. All on a budget!

#1 Paint Your Tub and Shower Tiles

Most older homes have that yellow beige, outdated tile or tub. Refinish your tub with a special tub and tile painting kit to give your yellowed (but still sturdy and functional) tub a much needed facelift!

See how to do it here.

#2 Replace Your Fixtures

Whether its the rusty showerhead, the outdated faucet or the standard builder grade lights, replacing these fixtures with a more modern finish will elevate the look of any bathroom!

#3 Refinish or Replace Bathroom Vanity Doors

If the structure of your vanity is in good shape, there's no need to change it! Just order new doors, splurge a little on soft close hinges and you can have a new vanity for less than half the price!

See how to do it here.

#4 Paint or Tile Your Floors

Sometimes that linoleum flooring just doesn't cut it. Instead of completely ripping up and replacing your floors, see if you can tile over it with peel and stick tiles or paint the tiles a neutral color for a quick, budget-friendly fix!

See how to tile here.

See how to paint here.

#5 Upgrade Hardware and Door

You'd be surprised at what new hardware on your vanity and doors does to the look of the bathroom! Exchange your hardware for ones with a sleek and modern finish. For doors, you can upgrade them with spare wood you have at home or pick up a new one at your local hardware store. Don't forget to update your doorknob as well!

See how upgrade your doors here.

That's it! Those are the 5 ways we recommend giving your bathroom a fresh new look!

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